Family Law Services

Wollongong & Southern Highlands

At Hosking & Gosling Legal, our Wollongong family law lawyers are experienced in both alternative dispute resolution and litigation in Wollongong. We understand that family legal matters can be stressful – this understanding allows us to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

The legal rights and obligations created by relationships impact most people at some stage of their life. Under the Family Law Act, even those in relationships who do not marry, including same-sex couples, are subject to an array of laws relating to children and property.

We utilize a realistic, common sense approach to family and child law matters, and offer advice and representation in an array of areas including:

At your first appointment with us, we will outline our fees and give you an estimate of potential future costs. At Hosking & Gosling Legal we offer highly competitive professional rates and keep you updated about possible future costs as your case develops. All our invoices are itemised so you can see precisely what fees and disbursements have been incurred.

Please contact our office in Wollongong to book an appointment for family law services. You can also call us on (02) 4254 4110.